Friday, 19 October 2012

Spicy Tempeh Naanwiches - a recipe mash-up (vegan mofo)

Apologies for the slow posting this week to all the vegan mofo readers.  I nearly went medieval on my neighbors (it's a long story, apartment living sucks) and had a bit of a meltdown for a few days where I just couldn't get up the energy to blog.  But now things are getting better and I'm back on track!


I'm one of those people who can't leave well enough alone.  You know the old saying "If it's not broke, don't fix it"?  I simply cannot abide by this cliche advice.  I'm a shitdisturber to the core, and sometimes this tendency to "fix" things that are already just fine slips over into my cooking.

In this case, I've not so much fixed a recipe as combined two already perfectly delicious recipes into one SUPER RECIPE!  I've combined the great spicy tempeh recipe from Veganomicon with Snarky Chickpea's vegan naan bread recipe to create Spicy Tempeh Naanwiches...


These two recipes go together absolutely beautifully.  I love the sloppy, hot deliciousness of the tempeh, and putting it into a sandwich helps to contain its sloppiness without detracting from the awesome flavor.  The naan bread (which by the way I cheat when I make it and use the breadmaker) is wonderfully garlicky, and makes the perfect bread to wrap up the tempeh.  Together these two make a wonderful hot sammich, perfect for an autumn day when you want a little spice in your belly.

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