Monday, 3 September 2012

Loops and Threads yarn (review)

Inaugural post!  Mostly I'm intending on using the blog for reviews of crafting stuff, food, books, movies, etc. Or whatever interests me.

Anyway, first up is Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn.  Loops and Threads is the house yarn for Michael's craft stores.  As such, it is reasonably priced, and goes on sale often.  For my more casual acquaintances (or future new friends reading my blog!), it is important to know that I buy A LOT of yarn.  My mom and I have a so-called small business and sell our knit and crochet stuff under the name Bouquet of Crochet.  We vend on Etsy and at the City Market on 104 in Edmonton once a month after our pile of stuff gets too big and needs to move on.  I've become a Michael's coupon ninja, and I'm always looking out for a sale to stock up on yarn.  Also, being a vegan I don't use wool or silk yarn, so acrylic is my mainstay.  Because we really don't make any money from our crochet sales (it is just for fun, if you've seen our stuff and our prices you know it's true, there's no profit there!), the yarn has to be affordable and plentiful in order to make it at all worth doing.  Therefore, I've bought A LOT of Loops and Threads.

I could be anything you want me to be!  

Keep in mind that I'm not going to try to compare this to any of the fancy-schmancy-pants yarns out there.  This is just a comparison against other brands with the same price range and style.
There are several different brands of "saver" worsted weight yarn out there.  You've got Red Heart, Bernat, Vanna's Choice (Lionbrand), and Loops and Threads all sharing both retail and market share spaces.  So the question is, what makes Loops and Threads stand out from the saver yarns of these brands?
The answer to this comes from a combination of personal taste, yarn comfort and skein size. I find that Red Heart Supersaver is the least comfortable out of these four saver yarns, it scratches the everlasting hell out of my fingers when I'm working with it.  Its texture is not quite as awful as the ultra-cheap Craftsmart (also a Michael's brand product), but still quite annoying to work with.  Bernat is lovely on the hands, but the highest of the bargain yarns in price.  I find Vanna's Choice to be comparable to Loops and Threads in terms of comfort to work with, but Vanna's skeins are surprisingly small compared to others in this category.

I'm also pretty happy with the colour selection for Loops and Threads.  The colours are all relatively normal, bright, and there is a selection of really interesting varigated colours.   Take for example this afghan project that I made using Loops and Threads:

Basket of nice colours...
Becomes really pretty and bright blanket!

This afghan (which was actually a Michael's freebie pattern available here) is made up of the prescribed Loops and Threads colours.  When you're making an afghan, you know that the yarn has to be comfortable, because you're going to be putting in a minimum of ~20 hours on that puppy.  I can honestly say the Loops and Threads didn't bug me at all, and was a pleasure to work with.  My only bitching point on this project was that (of course) they way overestimated the amount of coloured yarn needed.  I used most of the white, but had lots of leftover coloured, which I used to make this baby blanket:

J'taime squiggle blanket.

So, Vegbrarian says: Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn is a good deal all around.  It has a really good balance when it comes to skein size, variety of colours, feel, and price.  And it is a heck of a good deal if you're armed with a Michaels coupon.


  1. Thanks for your detailed review! As I can't work with wool, acrylic is also a mainstay for me. I've never worked with Impeccable before but was thinking of buying some to make this: I love the colors Dave used, but he told me he used a wool/acrylic yarn. I loathe Red Heart but have recently started using it for tawashi for which you want a scratchier acrylic. I love Bernat Worsted, it feels softer to me than Bernat Super Value which might just be my imagination - I haven't actually bought any Super Value. Unfortunately, Bernat Worsted is only sometimes available at AC Moore and in limited colorways. I liked working with Reynolds Utopia which I stumbled across at some yarn store in NH a few years ago, but sadly it's been discontinued. I haven't been excited by the Super Value colors so I've been on the lookout for something else. Thanks!

    1. I find that Red Heart becomes very soft after .machine washed and dried
      I have made my grandson several blankets with it. I do crochet a little looser and that might make a difference.

  2. Hi! Do you happen to remember what the colour of that impeccable was called? Thanks!

  3. Fluffy rats. Press on the word here where it says free pattern here for the granny squares. It will take you to the pattern. You will see all the colours there. Hope this helps. Francine

  4. do u have to block this yarn??? Thank you

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      I have never blocked any of my projects using this yarn. I guess it depends on the project, but I haven't even done it with the afghans.

  5. Great blog! Can you tell me how the color handles washing? Does it fade much? Thanks so much!

  6. I found the colors bled onto my hands leaving them a brilliant green in less than 5 rows of knitting, anyone else having this problem or did I buy the only 2 balls out there that does this?

  7. This yarn is terrible. First you can't find the end to pull out nicely. Second, I had to pull all the guts of the yarn out to eve get started. Once the guts were pulled out it took me 30 min, no joke, to even get to the end. The yarn was so tangled and it had knots in it. I would never buy this again. Yarn has gotten so expensive that when you buy skeins you want it to be what you paid for. Ugh