Monday, 29 April 2013

Indoor starters week 4 - my urban garden

Like watching the proverbial paint dry, doing a weekly update about the growth of my indoor starter plants seemed like a less than exciting offering to you, my fine readers.  So as you might have noticed I haven't done an update since week 1 in order to give the plants a bit of time to really get started, and so as not to bore a ridiculous amount.

At any rate, here we are at week 4!  I would like to say spring is sprung but that would be the filthiest of lies because I walked from the bus stop to work in near blizzard conditions this morning and got thoroughly soaked by the snow/rain.  So nothing is going in the ground anytime soon, I can't even dig the garden beds as they are once again made into mudholes.

So indoor gardening continues to be "where it's at".  Behold the plants at the end of week 4:

There's an intruder in the plant room too!
So as you can see there is LOTS more happening now than there was at the end of week 1.  Everything is up with the exception of a few pots that never sprouted a thing.  Even the peppers, which I had not seen hide nor hair (nor leaf nor root) of since the beginning finally broke the soil at the end of week 3, after I was beginning to doubt they were ever coming.  True leaves are beginning to form on the tomatoes and parsley, which means soon they will have to be thinned.  The strongest will be left to take over the whole pot for themselves and the other seedlings will be pulled to make room. 

In an effort to reduce the presence of mold in some of the pots I've cut down a bit on watering.  Rather than using the watering can I'm now misting the soil with a spray bottle.  I'm hoping to see much better performance from the shasta daisies because of this too, I feel like I've probably over-watered them a bit and they aren't growing very well as a result.

My unemployment commences on Wednesday, so hopefully the yard will dry up and landscaping can commence!  Stay tuned.

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