Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wal-mart: the good, the bad, and the ends justifying the means.

This last weekend, DH and I finally moved into our first home.  After four years of confinement in a 600sqft apartment with two over-sized, hyperactive felines, let me tell you that it was about damn time this happened.  I know that suffering is great for your character and all that garbage, but things were getting downright ridiculous/homicidal.  Thus, to get some living space, and to get away from our boozy neighbours, we moved on up.

Kind of... except I don't think my ex-neighbor owns a suit.

I know, PICTURES.  Forthcoming... after I get off the internet and pick up the boxes and other bits of moving mess.  Watch for it later in the week or early next.

Anyway. The house which has now become our lord, master, and taker of all our money has demanded several purchases.  Things like garbage cans, shower curtains, doorstops, dishwasher soap, a second laundry basket, recycling bags, etc.  Tonight we have to go shopping.  And so here I sit in an ethical dilemma... to Wal-mart, or not to Wal-mart.  That is the question.

Save money, live better, LOSE YOUR SOUL.

There are plenty (like, millions) of reasons not to shop at Wal-mart. Personally I take greatest issue with their disregard for workers rights both here and overseas.  Seems to have the same kind of misanthropic feelings towards their customers too.  Then there's the death of small business.  And the ridiculous crowds.  And the behemoth Supercenter stores which require a scooter to get around.  I try to avoid shopping there as much as I humanly (and humanely) can.

BUT.  There are times, like right now, where Wal-mart seems just too convenient to pass up.  All of the ridiculous things I need to feed the house beast are under one roof at Wal-mart.  And they are all on sale.  And honestly it makes me want to throw up my arms in disgust at myself that I'm going to go over there and give them a bunch of money to keep doing what they are doing.

What this all comes down to is whether or not the ends (cheapy cheap shit for bottomless house pit) justify the means (evil corporate bastardisms).  They don't.  But in this case, I might just have to hold my nose.


  1. I live in a town where Wal-Mart is often the only option. There's only so much a person can do, and for us, the bottom line is money. :-/

  2. I always like to remind people that Walmart *used* to be a mom and pop store, back in the day. That's how they started out. They just did it better than anyone else...

    But that might be the capitalist in me speakiing :)